Amazon Ring donated several of their video doorbells to VISAV to enable us to help vulnerable residents in our community. Recently we passed three of these to local PCSO Nathan Duffus who distributed the first during a burglary revisit and the following two following an incident on Waldeck Road.

PCSO Duffus told us about one of the recipients:

"One of the resident has mentioned the following on the device - ‘I was shook up after my property was broken into as I felt like my personal space was invaded. This left me overthinking on why I was a target for the first time. Then I had a visit from the local officer, which enabled me to feel reassured and a lot more relaxed about the incident. As it was explained, these things can be a bad luck of the draw for opportunist on the prowl.

I was advised on how I can possibly reduce being targeted, along with being provided a ring door bell. This has given me to the chance to monitor my property whilst in/out the house. The video quality allows me to identify those within close proximity.

I am grateful for this device and so fortunate to get it for FREE, which has saved me a lot of money.’

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