Mike Douglas
Product Director

Family man Mike is a night owl, give him a call at 3am, he won't mind! #happytohelp

Jon Shaw
IT Director

Jon has spent over half his life working for VISAV, he must love it here.

Rob Nelson
Finance Director

Rob is an enthusiastic fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and rubbish football teams. His long term ambition is to be a crazy cat lady.

Qamar Sheikh
IT Security & Infrastructure Director

For security reasons, we do not have a description for Qamar.

Clare Dawson
Support Desk Manager

If VISAV was a family, Clare would be its mother. However, we aren't related and we are sure she hates us all.

Nick Houghton
Web Developer

Always counting down to home time. Forever eating but shows no sign of getting larger.

Joseph Holmes
Web Developer

Lives for playing in his band. Loves Pizza. Scared of the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Joe Chadbourne
IT Support

Our newest member of the team. Can solve a Rubik's Cube in 23 seconds.

Lisa Douglas
Company Secretary

Founder of Things To Do in Nottinghamshire. Loves her chihuahua.

Andrew Sawford
Contracts Manager

You will either find Andrew on his bike, or with a coffee in his hand. Or maybe both?

Chris Davis
Project Delivery

Chris loves a spreadsheet and counts one of his greatest achievements as making it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with our very own Mike Douglas… without killing him!

Sue Sambells
Project Delivery

Sue is very organised and happily accepted the challenge to organise Mike. Sue also has a heart for community and enjoys the creativity of writing, not drawing!

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