Robin Hood Limited was established in 1998 with a clear objective of encouraging business and tourism in England and Nottinghamshire.

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Robin Hood Limited created a web-engine called VISAV (Virtual Internet Solutions that Add Value) that allowed their staff to update their own website without extensive training.

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VISAV Limited was formed and four technical staff recruited to concentrate on developing and supporting the VISAV product.

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VISAV developed Neighbourhood Alert during 2008/9 with the first paying sites going live at the beginning of September 2010.

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VISAV look forward to launching our vastly improved new version of Neighbourhood Alert, having been in development since October 2019.

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Our Product Websites

Neighbourhood Alert:


Meal Selector:


VISAV CMS - Sample Sites

Hollies Day Nurseries - Daycare site

Things To Do in Nottinghamshire - Tourism site

Robin Hood Shop - eCommerce site

Podders Nottingham - Motor salvage site