Ian, Rachel, Paul and Mike

VISAV Ltd are delighted to be sponsoring local charity, Mesopotamia, set up by Rachel Miller in response to the great need for feeding and clothing the hungry and the cold.

Pictured above are Ian Thornton, Charity Steward from United Service Lodge of Nottinghamshire, Rachel Miller, founder of the charity, Paul Macey, Chair of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch ®) and Mike Douglas, Product Director of VISAV Ltd.

VISAV have committed to offer financial and practical support for a minimum of two years.

Our partnership with Mesopotamia came about because of VISAV’s support for the Sherwood Food Exchange. Mike received several calls asking for support including delivery that the food exchange didn’t offer and found that all routes to solve requests for help from the public ended with Mesopotamia.

With the winding down of the Sherwood Food Exchange (which served a very much needed purpose earlier in the Pandemic) VISAV are now able to offer their support to Mesopotamia. Their project manager, Sue Sambells, organised for Mike and Ian along with Paul from NottsWatch ® to meet with Rachel on 14 July. Mike is a member of the United Service Lodge of Nottinghamshire and a trustee of NottsWatch ® so was in an excellent position to include his Lodge’s membership for practical support and funding from NottsWatch.

Our offer to Mesopotamia includes NottsWatch ® match funding local Councillor support to purchase and Lodge members to build a garage to store food donated from local supermarkets to provide to those in need.

The garage will be built to the rear of the Mesopotamia charity shop which is currently hosting the appalling fly tipping left in areas around the building. Rachel has “taken this in” to relieve the streets and arranged for the City Council to collect it. That in itself has been problematic and time consuming.

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