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The office and telephone support lines are open Monday to Friday
from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Technical Support Lines
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Out of office hours and during holidays, if you require support, please email

What's Happening?

We will be moving our services. This will involve turning off the services completely for up to 6 hours, with a possible further downtime for DNS propagation (which unfortunately is out of our control as we cannot control DNS).

(What is DNS? To put it simply, our mail server is "moving house". It takes some time for the internet to realise it has a new address. Some networks and some devices may realise it has a new address sooner than others, but most devices should be using the new address within 24 hours.)

When Is This Happening?

9th of August 2019, 17:00.

What Services Will Be Affected?

All connections to our services will be affected and will temporarily experience downtime.

What Impact Will This Have?

You will not be able to login or connect with any email accounts you have with us. This will prevent you from sending or receiving any emails.

You may also be notified to change connection details as the connection will fail. Please be assured that these connection details will begin working again when full service has resumed, so your connection details will not need changing during this time (e.g. your password.) To prevent further issues, we advise not changing your email password on your devices during this time.

Support Services

Offering an experienced I.T. Department for small & medium sized businesses in the East Midlands Area. With specialists in Microsoft & Linux systems, complemented by our programmers & web development experts - we are a one-stop solutions provider, and can supply a variety of services.

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